SuperRepo Third Party Repositories report

Published November 26th 2015 - Available

Repository Content

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SuperRepo Third Party Repositories
Mucky Ducks Repo
MetalKettles Addon Repository
DUCKPOOL Repository
lambda Add-on repository
tvaddons Libraries Repository
Bg Add-ons
natko1412 repo
1orgar repo
Abeksis Repository
AddonBrasil Repository
addonmaster Add-on repository
Siriuz Add-on Repository
AddonScriptorDE's Testing Repo
Aeon Nox: SiLVO Repository
AH Add-on repository
aj add-ons
aj addons
Alleidun's repository
amitkeret XBMC Add-ons
anonymous repo
Anteo's Add-on Repository
Apollo Group Repo
Arabic XBMC Add-on Repository
ARB Repo
Ares Project
axbmcuser REPO
BBTS - Repo
Beam Kodi Add-ons
BES-IPTV Repository
Kodi Emby Beta Addons
Coolwave beta Repo
Blazetamer's Repository
Catch Up Repository
Eugene Bond XBMC Add-ons
Boogie's Kodi Repo
bossanova808's XBMC Addons
Brazilian XBMC Add-On Repository
DOKI TV BUILD Repository
Bulldog Streams Repository
Bunkford's Repository
ByALongShot's XBMC Addons
CanadaOnDemand Repo
Cantobu Media Repository
Classic Skins For Kodi
Club TV Repository
Cocawe's REPO
ColdKeys Repo
The Community Repository
Const Kodi Add-ons
Coolwave Repo
Core Module Beta Testing Repo
Cosmix Repo
Crzen's Repository
DaHenchmen Repo
Dandy's Kodi Repository
Dandymedia Repository
Datho Add-on Repository
ddurdle's XBMC Addons
dexter repo
On-Tapp-Networks Add-ons
dk-xbmc-repaddon Add-on Repository
DMD-Czech XBMC Repository - deprecated
Kodi CZ & SK Doplňky
Doc Shadrach's Add-ons
DOKITV.NL Repository
Donatello and Hybrid Repository
DudeHere Addons
DutchMusic Repository
dvor85 XBMC Add-ons
Echo Coder Repository
Eldorado's XBMC Addons
nickat's Kodi Add-on Repository
The Entertainment Repository
Entertainment Repo
Evgen_dev XBMC Add-ons
Studio-Evolution Addons
Exodus repository
ExodusFR repository
Eyal TV Add-ons
Fastcolors Repo
Featherence repository
fightnight repository repository - MRKNOW
FTV Guide Repo
gbzygil's XBMC Addons
giraffe Kodi Add-ons
anilkuj addons
Aussie Add-ons (formerly XBMC CatchupTV AU)
Gujal Addon Repository
HAL9000 Add-on Repository
HALOW Repository
HALOW Repository
Hamid_PaK repository
HMB Repository
hockeyanon Add-on repository
HTPC Solutions Repository
HTPT repository
humla Add-on Repository Repo
IAMCHIEF Repository
iCanuck's Kodi Repository
icharania repo
Source OFFICIELLE de plugins
iSTREAM XBMC Addons Repository
ITV Repository
Japanese XBMC Addons
Jas0npc__ Repository
jsergio repo
KAOSbox Repo
KAOSbox Meta Repo
Karrade's XBMC Addons
KeesV's repo
Kinkins REPO
Kodi Add-ons of Chinese
Joname's repo
kodi senyor repository
Kodi4VN's REPO
Kodi Brasil Forum Repository
Kodil Repository Add-ons Binary Addons for Windows
Krysty's Addons
Kuroshi's XBMC Addons
Lary_Loose Repository
Kodi Latviesiem Addons
Leopold's Add-ons
lsellens openelec addon repository
Lithuanian Kodi Addons
Max (m4x1m) Headroom XBMC AddOns Repository
Mafarricos repositorio
Mafarricos Dev repositorio
Mafarricos Modded repositorio
Magnetic Repository
Maniac's Add-on Repository
Marcelveldt's BETA repository
Goliaths Add-ons repository
Megatron Repo
membrane's KODI Add-ons
Merlin Repository
MetaTeam Repository
MetalChris's Repository
mFlow XBMC Addon
mikaelec's XBMC Addons
mindmade XBMC Addons
MNN Xbmc Add-ons
mortstar's repo
MoviesHD Addon Repository
Mrstealth XBMC Add-ons
Mrstealth XBMC Gotham
MX repository Kodi Repo
3rd Party Unrestricted
natko1412 repo
nguyentuan's Repo
NIREPO::. Nir Elbaz Repository
NitroCSIA's XBMC Addons
noobsandnerds Repository
NuisMons XBMC Add-ons
o9r1sh's Repo
Oblivion Add-on Repository
francescosoft's XBMC REPO
Operation Robocop Ultimate Repository
Origin Repo
Ororo repository
The other Viet Addons
p2p-streams repository
Pancas repository Add-ons (frodo-pre) Add-ons (Gotham)
PCD's Repository
PENguine Addon Repository
Persia Repo
pietervanh's repo
My Kodi Repo
PleXBMC Add-ons for XBMC
podgod repo
Popcornmix Add-ons
powlo's Add-ons
primaeval's beta dev repository
Quasar Providers Repo
Pulsar Providers Unofficial Repo
Q's Repository
QF XBMC Addons
Quasar Repository
Ramic Kodi Add-ons Repository
Rasjani's Add-ons
Rato-TV repository
RayW1986 Repo
RedCouchTV repositorio
Regss Add-ons
RIVY XBMC Repository
Russian Kodi Addons
robwebset's Repository
Rockcrusher Repository
Rodrigo's Repository
RoiD Repository
Roman V.M. Repository forum Add-ons
Ruxton's XBMC Addons
Dmitry Sandalov's XBMC Repo
Sandmann79s Repository
SchisM TV Builds Repository
SchisM TV Addons Repository
ScudLee's XBMC Addon Repository add-ons search db repository
Sense8tion Repo
Seppius XBMC Add-ons
Shahid Addon Repository
Shamzee's Repo
Shaney Repos
Shanis Addon Repository
Shiny's Repo
Silhouette XBMC Add-ons
smithgeek's Add-ons
smokdpi's Modified Add-ons
Dutch SportsDevil Repository This is a special Dutch version of SportsDevil. If you don't want this, do NOT download this repo.
spoysers XBMC Add-ons
Stemajs Repo
Szmokkencs Repository
t0mm0's XBMC Addons
TCSystem KODI Repo
TDW1980 Add-ons
Team eXpat Repository
Team TDB Repository
Techdealer Repo
teeedubb's repo
The_Silencer's KODI Addons
TheHighway's Addons
TheHighway's Backup Repo on BitBucket
TheHighway's Broken and Outdated Addons
TheHighways Easy Fresh Install Addon Collection
The Mister Official Repository
TheVibe Team Repository
TheWiz Media Repository
TheYid's REPO
Thgiliwt Repository
Titan Repository
tknorris Release Repository
todits.xbmc Add-ons
Tomb Raider Repo
ToMeR Repository®
Topklasse TV Repository
Torrent-Viewers-Tools Repository
Torrent Streaming Repo
Torrent Viewers Tools Repo
TraiTraVinh's Testing Repo
Tu TVGuia Repo
TV Addons Nederland Secure
Ultimate repo
Unofficial OpenELEC Mediacenter OS Add-ons
Polskie wtyczki
Unofficial Quasar Repo
Unofficial Quasar Repo Mirror
unofficial Add-on Repository
Unofficial SportsDevil Repository
uPlayHD XBMC Add-ons
V137 Repository
=Vd=- Repository
VietMedia Add-ons
Addons by Vinnydude
vl.maksime Add-on repository
vStream Repository
Wiiego's Kodi Addons
Wolf-Team official Repo
XBMAN's Addon Repository
Chinese Add-ons
XBMC Israeli Streaming Sites
Chakravyu's XBMC Addons
XBMC Doplňky (CZ & SK) deprecated
tvaddons Add-on Repository
xbmcplus Add-on Repository
XBMC4Xbox Skins Repository
xhaggi's repository
XLordKX Repo
xsteal repository
xStream Repository
XunityTalk Repository
XvBMC Addon REPOsitory
Xycl Add-on Repository
Yllar's XBMC Addons
Youtube Addon Repo
Zach Morris Add-ons
ZEUS Repository
Markop159 Repository
ruuk's Addon Repo
Seal Live Acts
Super Milton Add-on Repository
teamtuga4ever repository
Tugafree Repositorio
elmerohueso's Add-on Repository
freem@n's Add-ons
Jeroen's Add-on Repository
Leopold's Add-ons
NordishByNature Addons
iVue TV Guide Add-on forum Add-ons
Dream TURKIYE Eklenti Deposu
XxTRUCOxX repository
queeup Add-ons
frenchdj repository
Koditraquinas Repository
m3g4mInD.repository repository
magic TURKIYE Eklenti Deposu
Retrospect (formerly XBMC Online TV) Add-ons
Bubbles Repository
Sdarot.Tv Repo
Stream Army Repo
StreamHub Repository
ARNU Box Repository
DudeHere Testing Addons

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