Mucky Ducks Commons

An addon working with several services like,,, or by Mucky DucksCollection of modules used by Mucky Ducks Addons beautifulsoup3 v3.2.1 from : beautifulsoup4 v4.5.1 from : cfscrape 1.6.8 from : incapsula-cracker v0.1.3 from : Js2Py v0.40 from : jsbeautifier v1.6.4 from : jsunpack from urlresolver which is a modified script from jsbeautifier: md_request a simple script for making web requests : md_tools a script with common methods in the Mucky Duck addons : md_view a simple script for adding views to addons : requests v2.12.4 from : six v1.10.0 from : unshortenit v0.3.0 from :

Collection of modules used by Mucky Ducks Addons

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