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What the menu looked like at some point:

  • All Movies (TheMovieDB)
  • In-cinema movies (TheMovieDB)
  • Popular movies (TheMovieDB)
  • Top rated movies (TheMovieDB)
  • Trending movies (
  • Upcoming movies (TheMovieDB)
  • Airing TV shows (
  • TV shows airing today (TheMovieDB)
  • All TV-Shows (TheMovieDB)
  • On-the-air TV shows (TheMovieDB)
  • Popular TV shows (TheMovieDB)
  • Premiere TV shows (
  • Top rated TV shows (TheMovieDB)
  • Trending TV shows (
  • Channels (Youtube)
  • Playlists (Youtube)
  • Videos (Youtube)

Note: the above preview isn't fully reliable (don't mind loops or dups for instance)

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