A very large video plugin for tumblr.com by moedje[B]v1.3.0 and 1.2.1[/B] Update to attempt to fix some lil issues in this very very incomplete attempt at a Tumblr Video Addon for Kodi. v1.1.1 Dashboard, Following and Likes working just testing and polishing Context Menus for Save, Like, and view Blog before calling it 1.2 and moving on to adding search features I originally wanted. v1.1.01 is test Massive re-write of addon to make the code easier to use but very little different to the user. Still working on the Following section to sort the blogs by when they were updated list. Make sure the Like and Download Context Menu are on all Video's. V1.0.9f1: blogs_following dev v0.9.8 Refactored this plugin repo so it could be easily included in my main repo. Will remove the old remove as I don't know how to do it any better in GIT still learning. V0.9.7: Search is working now though loads all results so is slow. 0.9.6: First attempt at new OAuth Token retrieving. Search works but needs lots of work, blogs_following retrieves all, dashboard can paginate now. V0.9.5: Added Download Video with YouTube-DL and added LIKE video, and improved loading of Blog's thumbnail image/avatar. V0.9.3: First public preview most features working. http://www.github.com/moedje/ Read the instructions about how to get your OAUTH_TOKEN and OAUTH_SECRET from Tumblr. It is required to login to Tumblr from an external App like this one. [COLOR red]YOU must put your OAUTH Token and Secret in settings[/COLOR] This will not work if you do not visit below Tumblr URL and put this App's Consumer Key and Secret in to generate an OAUTH token! [COLOR red]https://api.tumblr.com/console/calls/user/info REQUIRED TO GET OAUTH TOKEN TO PUT IN SETTINGS[/COLOR] Consumer Key: [B]5wEwFCF0rbiHXYZQQeQnNetuwZMmIyrUxIePLqUMcZlheVXwc4[/B] Consumer Secret: [B]GCLMI2LnMZqO2b5QheRvUSYY51Ujk7nWG2sYroqozW06x4hWch[/B] https://github.com/moedje/plugin.video.TumblrV

plugin.video.tumblrV Kodi/XBMC Addon for watching Videos from Tumblr

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