Featherence Emu

Features: - 11 Consoles of choice. - Advanced customized settings in addon settings. - Adult contents support. - Auto generate of predifined CFG, DIFF and NVRAM Arcade's settings. - Download any game directly! Over 1000 games are available! - Dreamcast virtual memory setup. - Fanart and Posters supports and are available as a download pack or per downloaded game. - Full PS3 Joystick support in-Kodi and in-Game (In-Game key videos are available per each console). - Games are categorized by number of possible players. - Genre and Description support. - High performance modules with improved quality. - Multi-disks support. - Search game by Title, Date, Platform, Publisher or Genre. - Search trailer in YouTube. - Smart self restore and update of contents. A large program for arcadehits.net by finalmakerr, Angelscry

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